Wot? No! You must me joking. Would you believe it?

Can you believe that some people say they don’t have any beliefs? Don’t trust these people, they’ll lie about other things too. Of course we all have beliefs otherwise we’d have no certainty in our lives at all – we wouldn’t be able to function. So what do we believe? The truth? You must be joking. People don’t usually believe the truth, people believe just about anything.

Where do these beliefs come from? The human brain is a pattern forming device. If anything appears to be non-random the brain forms a pattern. If I do something and get a certain result and then do it again and get the same result, that’s enough for a pattern to form and a belief to begin as to what will happen next time I do the thing. The brain doesn’t wait for you to use the scientific method to test the theory (which is what a formed pattern is). If it was in the newspaper that’s en ough – it must be worth believing (because other things in the newspaper were worth believing before).

What’s interesting about all this is that your behaviour is always in accordance with your beliefs. In fact, it is impossible to consistently behave in a manner contrary to what you believe. And as we’ve just seen, a great deal of what we believe is weak pattern formed and not based on empirical evidence at all but on superstition and received wisdom.

This is so important to understand because many of us say to ourselves “I can’t” to a thing that we very well could because we believe a pathetic limiting belief in our own ability based on flimsy half observed hearsay and superstition.

This is why people don’t achieve, because they have stopped believing in themselves and their abilities. Stopped following their dreams. Stopped learning new skills. Stopped doing anything that might take them out of their comfy zone.

Note that I s ay ‘comfy’ zone. By that I mean fluffy pink lovely comfy zone like a little yummy cosy nest where each of us live our lives most of the time. I’m not calling it ‘comfort zone’ because that sounds acceptable, rather like the side impact protection system on a car. We live in our comfy zones where we are weak, soft, fluffy pathetic bunnykins.

Where do you think all the solutions to your problems lie? That’s right. Outside your comfy zone. If they were in your comfy zone you’d already have solved them.

So step up and step out and don’t believe a word of it until you’ve got where you want to be.

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