What will you leave behind?

I felt a kind of sadness in an odd way when my Grandad died. We were at his house, sorting out the stuff. Grandma had died a few moths earlier. Apart from the funiture and his war medals there was nothing else to say he’d been here on Earth for the past 80 years. None of his memories, thoughts or feelings had been recorded in any form. No writings or drawings, no collections or indications of hobbies, just a few photos of the cat. Of course I’m viewing this from my perspective of being a creator, so I’m looking for these things. It’s not to say he didn’t have a happy and fullfiling life, he probably did. But there’s no evidence to show that he did.

My other Grandma on my dad’s side had left her play scripts, songs and musicals along with photos of her and my Grandad and their cast performing their concert parties and music hall entertainment during and after the Second World War. I know that she created a lot of pleasure for people. Everybody has a story to tell of how she touched their lives.

What stories will people tell about you? What will you leave behind to pass onto the next generation? We can all expect a digital footprint these days perhaps in the form of left-over information on a long forgotten social networking website profile, but what more can you proactivly do with your talents and your life? Will there be something of worth left behind for future generations? What will it be?

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One comment on “What will you leave behind?

  1. Certainly if one leaves behind creations, we get a clearer glimpse inside the person. Such things are not quickly disposed of or sold in a yard sale to make cash. My walls are covered with paintings and professional photography done by grandparents and uncles. My kids will get stacks of original sheet music, scripts, and of course my books. Now my job is to ensure I help them be creators, too, or they won’t value those papers for more than kindling in the hearth.


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