Using narcotics to enhance your creativity

Many people have suggested that their creativity has been enhanced by ingesting mind and body altering chemicals. Let’s have a brief look at some of the most common.

The most popular drug in use today is alcohol. Acclaimed for its supposed social skills enhancing powers it actually does the opposite. Users believe themselves to be articulate, decisive and responsive but in reality the drug is a depressant which saps joy and reduces rational and creative thought as well as limiting vocabulary. Any positive affects can actually be assigned to the simple fact of groups of friends getting together to talk.

Although fast becoming a social anathema, nicotine inhaled from smoldering tobacco leaves was thought to be useful to aide relaxation and thoughtfulness. In fact, nicotine acts as a stimulant. Because of the addictive nature of the drug, the stimulation only brings the user back up to the level they were at before initial use. The positive effects of the drug can be ascribed to taking breaks, breathing slowing and deeply and stepping outside for a short time. All of these are better done without the inhalation of carcinogenic particulates.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive chemical inhaled from burnt cannabis sativa plants. It works as an anesthetic, counteracting tics, seizures and spasms by numbing the nervous system. Although the effects are a stress-free relaxed state, the drug is linked to memory loss and loss of cognitive function which prevents the user from getting anything worthwhile done.

The temporary increased euphoria from ingesting cocaine desensitizes the brains neurons’ feel-good neurotransmitters, reducing levels of joy as well as causing irregularities in heart beat and paranoia. It also increases levels of arrogance. There are no discernible benefits that can’t be replicated by just doing something exciting.

Albert Hoffman was a Swiss chemist who died last month aged 102. In 1938 he created the psychedelic drug LSD. A tiny amount of the crystal causes heightened senses and synesthesia (switching of the senses), dream-like perceptual changes and a holistic viewpoint of the world. Although non-toxic it can trigger latent psychosis and makes the user more prone to accidents. Few users could claim to being creative while on a ‘trip’, their creations were made some time afterwards. Any experience can inspire great works. The same effect can be achieved by meditation, religion or simply physically going on a trip.

To summarise, try these cheaper, safer and legal methods instead: meet up with friends to discuss ideas, relax, get some fresh air, get excited, meditate, explore what you believe in, do something different and change your state of mind from within.

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6 comments on “Using narcotics to enhance your creativity

  1. Quite right, Ayd! I saw a friend descend into schizophrenia when smoking cannabis. He had been a lovely sensitive, bright guy who was going through some disappointment and smoked extensively. It happened alarmingly rapidly over what I saw to be a 9 month period.

    As Mr Mackey in “South Park” says, ” Drugs are baaaad, don’t take drugs.”

    The alternatives are so much more life enhancing – and keep you well away from doctors and hospitals.


  2. This is biased and innaccurateCannibis won’t cause schizophrenia, I have known schizophrenics who made their lives better by smoking the stuff.Life is meant to be enjoyed however way you want it, some people smoke plants and some people don’t. don’t lump together pot smokers with drug usersI am aware this is an ancient article.


  3. Coffee is the writer’s drug of choice, or more correctly, caffeine. Anyone who drinks coffee can testify to the boost it provides to the writing process.

    I don’t think there are any real side effects to coffee, but if abused severely, like anything else in life, I’m sure it could become harmful. 2-3 cups a day works good for me. 😉


  4. Yes, meet with friends. Enjoy lively discussions where different points of view are discussed. Get your brains to interact. Move into, what Franz Johansson calls, the “intersection”.
    And of course, forget about taking some “Oxytocin” drug to enhance your sociability… 😉


  5. Good and bad there are so many artist who relies on uppers and downers, it help them at their euphoric stage but at a certain point it increases their dependency on the drug they’re ingesting.


  6. Hard narcotics steal your personality. Your thoughts, your joy, and your genuine self are buried under an illusory cloud. They give you a temporary pleasure that is rapidly erased from your memory.


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