An Englishman in New York

I’ve just come back from my first ever visit to New York where I attended the National Speakers Association conference. Some of the top speakers in the US gathered (around 3000 of them!) to hear from some of the very top speakers. The highlights were for me my walk in Central Park, the amazing lift shafts in the conference hotel (the Marriot Marquis in Times Square) which looked like something from the Jetsons and a speech by social entrepreneur Bill Strickland.

24 years ago Bill started a programme in his desolated hometown of Pittsburg which has become a foundation for disadvantaged children and people on benefit. His facilities are amazing, full of valuable art, gourmet restaurants and hand-made furniture, provided for or made by the local transformed students. Bill says that there’s nothing wrong with poor people except for the fact that they have no money – and that’s a curable condition. His aim is to cure the cancer of the spirt with sunlight, flowers and music, which his facilities are full of. The story of how he got backing and finance to fund the project is truely amazing. You can read about it in his book here.

If you want something entertaining, motivational, unusual and highly relevant in today’s climate for your conference or company training have a look at a clip here and visit my keynote page here.

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