Now is Not the Time to be Sensible

Being cautious is what causes slowdowns which lead to a run on the bank. The time when everyone wants to cling on to what they’ve got, to not take risks and bury heads in sand is exactly the time when you should get up and get out there.

We call the area around us where we feel safe our ‘comfort zone’. This is where we retreat to when we feel under threat. But the answers to our problems are not to be found in our comfort zones. We have to step out and that means taking risks.

Creativity is all about taking risks. What happens if it doesn’t work? What happens if I look foolish? The creative individual doesn’t even ask those questions. Only a risk-averse, self-judging, low confidence loser even bothers to waste time worrying about such things.

Why? Because the creative winner knows that if the same path is followed, it will get the same results. And if the economic landscape is shifting, those results aren’t even going to be as good as before. So doing the same (or less) is very, very bad.

“Oh, the phones aren’t ringing”. Why not try calling someone? Doing something different – actually trying to ‘sell’ for once (see quote at top of page) – actually doing some targeted measurable marketing – actually defining what your key problems are and working on solutions – improving service and quality. These are the things we need to be doing.

After all – if no-one else is doing it (including your competition probably) you’ll have the playing field to yourself.

Being sensible is dangerous and deadly. It’s boring. Being boring will destroy your business. No-one cares about you – they’re too busy thinking about their own problems. Why should they look up from their own wonderfully delicious doom and gloom to see what you’ve got? They won’t want to risk good money and time on boring and sensible – they won’t even notice you.

But if you took the risk and stood out from the crowd and stopped talking about what you’ve got and what you do and started talking about other people and their pain and how you can solve their problems. What would happen then?

Perhaps you’ll not only survive – but thrive. What a silly thing to do.

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2 comments on “Now is Not the Time to be Sensible

  1. Hi Ayd
    read your article, picked up the phone and rang a fairly scary multi-millionaire client. Watch this space!
    Regards Your photographer.


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