A new kind of folk song

Maybe it’s the current climate of social and economic change that made me feel like it but I’ve suddenly got back into my ‘folk’. By that I mean simple songwriting about contemporary issues, done quickly, not too ‘produced’, aimed at telling a story or giving a message.

So I bought a banjo (I’ll tell you about that later) and picked up my guitar to see what song would come out. I had a whole Saturday to think of something, write it, film it, overdub it and upload it to YouTube. I wanted that immediacy of creativity and due to family and work commitments I had the window of opportunity of a day so had to get on with it.

I started writing a ‘credit crunch’ song which needed a focal point – which quickly became the sad but inevitable closure of Woolworths. The fall of Woolworths into administration and then closure forms a great parable. It also is not a direct ‘victim’ of the credit crunch as such, and yet the factors of the economic slowdown meant that it could no longer hide its inadequacies to do business in today’s competitive highly focused and brand aware way.

So here is my new ‘folk song’, written and filmed in a day. See what you think. In my next post I’ll let you know how I did it, the problems I faced and what I learned.

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