Twits, tweets and Twitter

The internet has produced yet another weird way of communicating. It’s called Twitter and it allows you to ‘microblog’, that is to post a short message (called a tweet) on the internet about what you’re doing. Then other people can sign up to your updates (to become a ‘follower’). You can send updates on the web or as a text from your mobile.

So what’s the point of that? No-one yet really knows. There’s very little point if all you’re saying is ‘Having my breakfast’, but if you’re detailing what it’s like shooting your documentary or movie like Stephen Fry does to his 63,000 followers, or giving back stage info on the re-launch of your tv show like Jonathan Ross does to his 14,000 followers, it can be quite interesting. Barack Obama used it in his election campaign. He has 144,000 followers, the largest amount at time of writing.

Perhaps when you have enough followers you can broadcast your problem or your latest business offering as some people have quite successfully. The secret seems to be to use it to enhance your brand, to post information that may be of interest to people who would find you interesting. So it’s no different to any other sort of marketing; know your audience and provide what they may like. I’m giving it a go. Why not join me there.

I thought having Google Earth was quite voyeristic. Following Stephen Fry around feels a bit like stalking, but he seems to enjoy it (see his interview).

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