If you’re going to offer free Wi-Fi in your hotel, cafe or facility, just have it open and easy to get on. No-one is going to steal it. If anyone is going to abuse it they’ll do so whether or not they’ve had to tick a box pretending to have read pages of regulations. Just make it easy.

If I have to go through a tedious registration process and then have to sign in with yet another login and password which I may never need again, only to get a slower service than my iPhone will do without Wi-Fi… If I have a few minutes of inactivity (while I read the email or web page it’s taken me so long to get to) and I’m logged out… If the signal is so weak in the quiet corner of the building where I’m sat… If I need to enter my long membership number and digits from my membership card (if I’m able to use the Wi-Fi, I’m already in the building)… If that’s how you’re going to offer Wi-Fi, please don’t bother and take down the signs that say so outside.

Any service that wastes my time is not free. My patience is very very expensive. Beware. If something annoys customers they will make the effort to find somewhere else that doesn’t. The tiniest little annoyance, even one that appears to be such a small detail that is not even a core part of your service, can cause customers to vote with their feet.

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One comment on “Wi-Fi-Wi-Bother

  1. Totally agree. WiFi should be a value add, not a revenue generator and should follow KISS. Many’s a time I’ve hooked my 3G phone (sadly ont a spanky iPhone) up as a mnodem and have paid rather than used the naff service described as free (which should have the rider) and fraught with complexity and frustrating periods when WE choose to log you out and you have to remember some convoluted user name and password combo to get back in. Grrrrr


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