Inspiration Testimonials

I received some great testimonials from my talks last week that I’d like to share here.

John Sherry runs The Inspiration Club, a monthly networking meeting in Coventry. It has more of an uplifting, personal development mission than most groups so you’re guaranteed to feel inspired- as well as getting some great takeaway value that you can put to use. I did a 90mins creativity session including the emotional analogue drawings exercise that people are finding so powerful.

“I booked Ayd for The Inspiration Club as it has been steadily growing and I want to out source memorable and unique speakers. Ayd certainly comes into both those categories. Some nights take time to get going but not this one! He had the audience soon very engaged and on their feet and everyone was amazed at his capacity to understand and harness our creative self. I’m still getting calls about it every day! He is a best kept secret in some ways but I’m sure that is about to change. If you want to be entertained, opened up and increase your self understanding with energy, enthusiasm and an injection of humour then give Ayd a call immediately!” – John Sherry, Founder of The Inspiration Club

Julie French and Tony Burgess run Aha! – The Academy of High Achievers specialising in breakthrough coaching as NLP experts and speakers (they can train you to be an NLP master practitioner too, see below). They also run Stafford Ecademy, a networking group based in Stone, Stafford with two expert business or development speakers every month. I gave my keynote on creative thinking in business – why it’s important and how to get rid of blocks that stop us from realising our true creative potential.

“Ayd Instone is a real one-off in the speaking world. His unique blend of entertainment, interaction and information keep an audience fully engaged throughout! His questions and practical ‘discovery’ exercises really get people realizing how much more of their potential there is available to be teased out – and he is the perfect guy to help them to tap into more of the creative genius within them. What we particularly love about Ayd’s presentations is the fact that there is a clear link made throughout about how the topic of creativity relates to success in business and Ayd provides useful ‘takeaway’ ideas that can be put into practice straight away. We had lots of positive comments from our attendees at the event where he presented and one of our ‘regulars’ enthusiastically told us that it was by far the best presentation he had seen in a long time. That kind of feedback prompts us to wholeheartedly recommend Ayd Instone as a professional speaker and presenter for meetings and conferences (large or small) and workshops.” – Tony Burgess, Director, The Academy of High Achievers ltd

I also received this testimonial, posted on the ecademy website that night:

“Went to see Ayd speak tonight in Stone. So it was Ayd Instone in Stone. A great presentation, show whatever you want to call it. I’d recommend everyone to see Ayd speak or to arrange for him to talk at your next event. He has great things to share and puts his ideas over in a fun and entertaining way. Thanks Ayd”Steve Halls, healthly living expert (click here).

Both of these events are looking for more great speakers. Why not contact them, go along and see what it’s all about.

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