The Magic of Books

Books are the bedrock of our civilisation and our psyche. The three largest religions of the world are faiths based upon books (of the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran). The most powerful political ideologies that changed nations were books (the Communist Manifesto, Mao’s Red Book and Hitlers Mien Kampf among others). Books hold the laws of the land, both civil and moral. Books hold our histories, our mistakes and our glories. Books hint at our dreams and our future. With books, the dead live on, our ancestors speak to us.

As a species we inherit no survival skills from our genes. We have to learn everything from our predecessors. Oral traditions pass on local and immediate information but it is books that open up the universe to us. Books make us time-travelers and explorers of outer and inner space.

We rate reading and writing with as high as mathematics in our schooling, and quote rightly so. The actual language of English we speak has been shaped and coloured by the big books of the King James Bible and Works of Shakespeare among many others. There are good books and there are bad books. Some books are so feared they are banned or even burned. Some are so highly sought after that they become priceless. Books contain magik spells and incantations. They contain healing and support. They contain horror and outrage. They contain love and hope. They contain beauty and joy.

Books will never die. As the lowest tech method of storing information, books will live on. Hidden in jars for two thousand years the lost secrets of the Gnostics were uncovered. New media may come along to dazzle and delight, but the ruggedness of marks on paper, able to survive almost anything but fire will not suffer from low battery power or outmoded file formats.

The only things rated as high as books in our world are the pantheon of creator gods who wrote them. Those heroes who took quill to parchment, pen to paper, hammered on a typewriter or pressed buttons on an electronic keypad. We look up to these inspired super-humans who stared onto bare stone, plain parchment, blank paper and conjured up into corporeal existence, men, beasts, angels and demons, history forgotten and futures unknown. They created life from facts and fictions and wove them into tapestries of stories to transmit their consciousness direct from their minds into ours, using only words.

We can all be certain that one day our physical bodies will die. Our personality, our consciousness, our uniqueness, our soul, will travel beyond the reach of influence in this world. But our ideas need not perish with it. The one path to immortality that we can solidly guarantee is open to us all. We can capture our ideas, our thoughts and feelings, our uniqueness, our voice in a living, new body, capable of transmitting our consciousness, perhaps to even live forever.

We can all join the pantheon of contributors to the great library of humanity. We can all add our chapter to the great human story. We can all become immortal and have our influence reach out and echo through to the future.

Be part of the magic by by writing and publishing your own book.

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3 comments on “The Magic of Books

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    • People think books are less relevant in this ‘multi-media age’ but they’re wrong: books are tactile, interactive, real and tangible, trustworthy and fire imagination. Computers are the opposite.


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