Find the Sparkle

Do you believe in non-human intelligent beings, born of this world and yet unseen, and for so long unheard? Have you encountered any anthropomorphised archetypes that are as real and yet are as alive and as relevant as any conscious creature and vital to our creativity?

Maybe you don’t see them, our modern eyes see far too dimly. Maybe you don’t hear their voices, our ears are not so finely tuned. But maybe you have felt their presence.

I have a system for writing books which is part of my Kudos Effect course. It’s a process of stages and considerations that if you follow, provides a framework to help you unlock your creativity to write the best book you could write.

But there’s one part of that creative process that is more important than any other and I’ve called that ‘Find the Sparkle’.

There are various systems and support out there to help you structure your writing.  But without the ‘Sparkle’ we find ourselves having to force ourselves to write, our energy drains and we get faced with blocks or produce a manuscript that is stodgy, dull and lifeless. Without the Sparkle a book is painful to write, but worse, it’s painful (or near impossible) to read.

Maybe you have shrugged the feeling off as ‘being in the zone’ and didn’t acknowledge the being, working with you, within you.

The Sparkle is a creature born of your inspiration and your uniqueness. It doesn’t have life with just one or the other. The Sparkle is the zest, as mischievous as a pixie, as fragile as a gossamer winged faerie and just as illusive.

When we find our Sparkle, our passion feeds it and it returns a peculiar kind of energy, as potent as any magik, which if harnessed can be used to power our creative corporeal manifestation: our ideas become bright and potent. Our hopes become possibilities. Obstacles to our success melt away and evaporate like early morning autumn frost.

The process defies the physical laws of entropy which state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed only converted and that all energy conversion moves downwards towards chaos. Here we have the mythical perpetual motion machine where the very process creates energy and the waste product side effect is joy. Here we can defy the ancient alchemists of old who tried in vain to turn base metals into gold. Our Sparkle turns all to glittering riches.

Where does such a being live? How can we coax her out?

How can we unlearn how to see and open our eyes like our inspired ancestors who with ochre paints and bare hands founded the human race in cyclopean caves of dreams?

How can we reverse the calamity of the loss of our muses and our gods that left us cold and alone and cut off from our divine creative source? Can the voices and the music return to our ears to lift us out of our unreal adopted emotions of anxiety, guilt and shame at our own inadequacies. How can we find the power to do anything more than the minimum that we think we are just about able to achieve.

A clue comes from the fact that the Sparkle has a name. Her name comes from the Greek to mean god within or inspiration from divine possession and revelation.

In English it’s translated as: Enthusiasm.

Ayd Instone works with people to explore and unlock their creative ideas in ways they may never have thought possible, to inspire innovation in their lives, and their business.

Book Ayd to speak about the Power of ‘What If?’ and Inspiration for Innovation at your conference, or in your business. A great way to open your event or as an after lunch energiser.

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