The creative secret of the transition

bubblesCreativity happens in the cusps, on the skin, at the interface of transition.

Nothing much happens in the lazy heat of mid-summer or the bleak cold of mid-winter. It is in the spring of new life and in the cold air of autumn when the light changes to darkness when the moment for creativity has come.

It is the precipice between waking and sleep – the hiding place of inspiration and secret ideas.

Have a look at soap bubbles, bubbling together on the water’s surface in your bath. The bubble itself is empty; the structure and the strength is the interface between the bubbles. And as above, so below and so within – the soap bubble is a model of the universe, exactly half way in size between a galaxy cluster and an atom. Both contain vast empty space, with their stars and nebulae, or their electron shells, forming the structure, the pattern, between which is only empty space.

Life began on that cusp. On the sulphuric vents in the deep sea, the interface between earth and water. The first cells emerged by evolving a polarisation of hydrophobes and hydrophiles, by creating a unit that rejected water within and faced it without, forming a spherical cusp. Life evolved in the oceans in the interface between the cold dark of the depths and the golden warm light of Sol. It found it’s place between the wet sea and the dry land, between the dusty hot land and the cool clear skies. Each interfacial transition moved the process we call life onto new heights of adventure, excitement and advancement.

Humanity evolved on the interfaces too. Between hand and rock. Between body and mind. Between mind and spirit.

And so it is with ideas.

Ideas are born exactly half way between what was and what will be.

Transition is our moment of artistry. When old ways are understood so well that they can be implemented unconsciously, we can begin to work with new ways that are so unknown they still have the excitement of discovery and experiment. The two become fused together for a brief time – confidence and uncertainty, hope and fear.

Transition is our moment of destiny. It is standing on a solid foundation and then taking that first step off into the brink of the unknowable. It is where things happen, where genius is forged, where kingdoms are born.

But it is also a place of terror, of frustration and despair, as every artist knows. As every inventor knows. As every entrepreneur knows. The night is the darkest just before the dawn.

But the transition is not the place to stop and rest. We are only ever passing through. It’s not the place to retreat from, that only leads to boredom, self-parody, repetition and stagnation. It is the springboard to our future.

The transition can only ever be a passing place, a moment, a touchpoint. Then there is new work to be done, to fulfill the potential of what the transition promised. The world becomes flat again, processes continue again, production begins again on the new plane. That is until he next moment of transition when the dice is thrown once more, the rule book ripped up again and when the new ways have themselves become the old ways as we face the next transition.

Once more we find ourselves on the precipice, the cusp, the edge of infinity, with only the one certainty, that change is certain. The circle continues.

But do not fear, this moment will too pass. The sun will rise again and the dreams we had upon waking will become our reality once again as we deliver from the transition our most creative expressive ideas.

Ayd works with people and businesses to explore and unlock their creative ideas in ways they may never have thought possible, to inspire innovation.

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One comment on “The creative secret of the transition

  1. This concept of transition is a rich one, Ayd. It reminded me of my ‘Polo Mint Portal’.
    In 1982, I decided to travel alone across Canada, using Greyhound buses. The aim was to experience the country, connecting with individuals as I went. I carried packets of Polo mints. As different people sat beside me on the journeys, I offered each a Polo mint. I found that this simple gesture invariably opened a portal to a conversation, and to a subsequent flow of information and ideas.

    For example, on the road to Whitehorse in the Yukon, one local chap expressed his view that people who engage in extreme sports experience a heightened sensitivity to their own potential, lose their fear, and pursue their goals with increased confidence. He suggested that I take a white water raft trip down the Yukon River. I did – and I would suggest that it would be a good item for a Bucket List.

    Again, on the road to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory, a lady was keen that I should sit on a bank of the Great Slave Lake at midnight. She said it would be at once tranquil and profound, possibly life-changing. I did – and, as I watched water-skiers skimming over the lake against the low sun, I remember wishing that I could swim.

    Anyway, the idea of transition as transitory moments in time and space that any one of us can be aware of, and be changed by, is fascinating.


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