Women in Physics poster pack

UPDATE! New version uploaded to include Nobel Prize winners Donna Strickland and Andrea Ghez .

Getting girls interested in Physics is a tough one. There are role models out there but so many are still unknown, missing from history in the stories we tell as well as the textbooks.

So I created these A5 cards to redress the balance and normalise the presence of women in Physics.

I’m happy to share this and for you to download the PDF if you forward it on, just give me credit somewhere!).

I took the photos from the internet so I can’t profit from it so happy for it to go far and wide.

There are two up on each A4 so just print each page in colour and cut out to make your display.

The idea was to make these scientists look real, normal, varied and relevant, on first name terms.

I chose the best photos I could find close to the age where they did their best work. In two cases I used actors portraying the person; anything to bring these women to life and for our girls to see themselves in them.

Let me know if you get them up somewhere and if anyone comments on it!

(Did you spot the title is in the style of the new Doctor Who logo – played by Jodie Whitaker on 7th October this year…)

Download here: 

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