Blow your own trumpet

Ayd Instone trumpet

My new trumpet

I followed someone recently on Twitter whose description included ‘award winning…”. Subconsciously I was impressed. I didn’t know the nature of the award, it could have been anything. I could have been irrelevant. They could have made it up. And yet in that split second my opinion of this unknown quantity was different had that phrase not been there. I even thought, just for a nano second, ‘I wish I was award winning’ before realising a moment later that I am.

But I never told anyone.


Ayd Instone Sunmakers Awards Business Wealth Club PSA creative marketing

My Awards

I work on marketing and branding for all sorts of companies and individuals including some global campaigns, to spread their message and expertise far and wide and yet when it comes to my own marketing I leave out some of the most important features. With so many of my clients I discover some secret fact, some achievement or accolade that they themselves have forgotten about, don’t value anymore or are too modest to shout about.

Here’s the secret to successful marketing; you have to blow your own trumpet. No-one else is going to blow it for you.

So pictured below are some of my recent awards. Two of them are actually for marketing, from The Business Wealth Club.

Ayd Instone Business Wealth Club Sunmakers Marketeer of the Year Award 2010 creative marketing

WOW Marketeer of the Year 2010

The picture at the top is my own trumpet. Every year I learn a new musical instrument and for my birthday I received this wonderful instrument. Nothing’s going to happen if I leave it in its box, it won’t make a sound. No-one will notice it there. It needs to be taken out and it needs to be blown.

And you need to do the same…

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